SongRoots Online Class Descriptions 2021

SongRoots Online 2021! - Class Descriptions

You Got Style!

with Dawn Pemberton

Join Dawn as she guides you through musical elements and vocal characteristics that will help you to cultivate and develop your own personal style as a vocalist.

There will be aural transcriptions, comparative studies, and breakdowns of some of the most iconic vocal performances. If you’re looking for the next step on your musical journey this class is for you!

Jazz & Improv Play

with Jennifer Scott

Learn some great vocal jazz repertoire including swing tunes, Latin jam tunes and bluesy ballads – and then have fun making up melodies, learning how to ‘scat sing’ and liberate yourself from the expected!

Vocal examples & practice tracks included.

Themes and Variations: Four Musical Journeys

with Brian Tate

Join Brian and listen in-depth to the creative possibilities of four of the most popular songs ever written. Each session features an in-depth look at a single great song, starting with the original and then experiencing the song as re-imagined by some of the greatest musicians.

From Gershwin’s “Summertime” to Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now”, be amazed four times over at the endless possibilities of a single great song!

Shifting Forms: Opening to Movement Possibilities

with Amanda Acorn

Explore practical and exploratory movement tasks to connect to breath, sensation and presence as a way to prepare and engage the body. Building a connection to the earth and relationship to gravity, from which to explore the body as a site for resonance, vibration and rhythm. Using breath, gentle movement to open awareness and exploratory tasks to prepare the body for embodied voice and resonant expression

Songwriters of Songroots

with Susan Ellenton

A poster for this class would have dreamy colours because I’ll be leading guided visualizations, with a collage of art supplies and gym equipment because we’ll create a circuit of skill-building exercises, and around everything there’d be silhouettes of people gathering because we’ll connect through the group pages and a final zoom, and because, you know, songs are so wonderfully useful in community.

In four videos we’ll explore four stages of creation: inspiration & imagination, flow practice, structure & the power of limits, and finishing matters, plus a zoom gathering for sharing work-in-progress. Can’t wait!

Africana World Music Seminar

with Lonnie Norwood

We may not all be able to travel, but our voices surely can! Get excited about joining Lonnie for lively Zoom rehearsals daily, virtual world tours, captivating stories, phenomenally authentic music resources, and vocal recording projects dedicated to the rich music and history of the world’s vast Africana music movement.

Our repertoire will cover powerful classical, folk, and contemporary music traditions on songs written by composers of African descent. Get ready to use your voice like never before!

3 Part Bluegrass Singing for Campfire Songs

with Jenny Lester

Learn how to craft each line in three-part singing for a campfire song each day. Find the melody, tenor and baritone parts and gain new practice techniques. Prepare for that moment you are singing with friends around the campfire!

I ❤ Classical Choral Singing

with Sophie Michaux and Adam Jacob Simon

Eclectic musicians Sophie Michaux and Adam Simon love to sing folk, pop, world and, you better believe it… CLASSICAL music! They are excited to share what they find so thrilling about it with you, using 4 of their favorite pieces from the “classical” choral repertoire (one from each of the Medieval, Baroque, Romantic, and 20th century periods).

There will be teaching videos and recordings of the parts for all voice parts and the pieces, so no need to know how to read music to enjoy this course. Just come with an open mind, and an appetite for great music!

Piano Back Up for Singers 2.0

with Michael Creber

Following up from Michael’s wildly popular ‘Piano Back Up for Singers’ last year, Michael is working on a new set of videos on the foundations of piano chording and back up. We will include Michael’s sessions from last year as a reminder or an introduction if you are new.

No piano experience is necessary – this is a fun and welcoming place for you to explore this wonderful instrument and set you on the road to playing for yourself and others!

Unexpected Freedom Songs from the World

with Caitlin Belem

What makes a freedom song? In this class, we’ll learn songs from around the world that have become powerful political songs, but whose lyrics are not at first glance explicitly political. While we will learn to sing these songs and I will also provide chords and briefly break down a guitar accompaniment, another focus of the class will be on understanding the history and context behind their stories.

Come ready to learn to sing in English, Spanish, Basque, or Portuguese! For songs not in English, I will provide a translation and pronunciation guide.

Global Musical Feast

with Karla Mundy

Through interviews with tradition bearers, recordings, videos, playlists, language, maps, stories and recipes, we will become introduced to some of the musical traditions from Haida Gwaii, Corsica, the Republic of Georgia, India, South Africa and the Huu-ah-ayt First Nations.

Karla will be sharing her interviews with Reg Davidson (Haida Gwaii), Frederic Vesperini (Corsica), Ketevan Mindorashvili (Georgia), Cassius Khan (India/BC), Bongani Magatyana (South Africa) and hinatinyis (Brittany Coté) (territory of the Tseshaht and Hupacasath First Nations). Based on these discussions and further research, Karla will create a foundation of information for further listening, learning, exploring and appreciating.

Chansons & Ballads

with Sophie Michaux and Adam Jacob Simon

Sophie Michaux, who was born in England and grew up in France, will approach some Chansons Françaises (Piaf, Brassens, Aznavour), and Traditional English Ballads with our SongRoots community. We’ll talk about how to look for the ones that speak to you, how to approach learning them, how to listen to and imitate the great singers to incorporate the style and some background on the songs themselves.

For those who would like to accompany themselves on instruments, Adam Simon, a multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger, will give you tips on how to make an arrangement that works for you. He will also provide his back-tracks you can use to sing along with.