Gathering Voices

This course will give us the resources for community music making. Whether in a duo, small group or camp fire setting, we will put together a shared and common song book – working on our harmony abilities and taking the lead.

Imagine being at a campfire, a sing-a-long, a song circle…you get a chance to lead or suggest a song and your mind goes completely…blank! Do you lack song ideas, keep singing the same songs over and over again, would you like to expand your repertoire? This class will work on all of that – introducing a beautiful collection of songs, working out harmonies, giving you tools for more confident music making and inspiring you to gather with other singers and let your voices ring!


From June 13-June 20 2022, this course is available on a sliding scale (with the minimum set at half of the course’s regular value) The money earned from all courses sold during this week will go straight into Karla’s ‘Choir Operations and Bursary Fund’! 

Minimum Price is $115 and there is no maximum! This deal ends at midnight June 12th!


Minimum price: $115.00